Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Twinkles Tuesday

Our youngest Cat, Twinkles is just over a year old and always full of energy. She loves helping us on the pond, although perhaps her definition of the word "help" may need a little amendment!

They won't see me if I hide in here
Oh no, they spotted me...
If I give them my best scowl that will teach them...
Hurry up I want to go fishing
Whats this string doing here?
I think I'll tidy it up
Or maybe I'll hunt it...
Hunting string is very tiring
All through this summer she has been a constant 'assistant', scrambling up ladders, climbing over the pergola and more often than not begging for fuss and attention.

She usually chooses an awkward moment to decide its cuddle time, and has been known to climb up us, digging her claws in to get a good hold until she gets the cuddle she is after. 

I'm sure we are not the only bloggers with gardening companions, it would be great to hear about your helpers too!

Gaz :)


  1. These pictures are so cute of her Gaz. I always enjoy seeing the companions out and about and she sure steal each scene, all I see is her and her cute or ferocious expression.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Shucks, that Twinkles is a beautiful feline !My two are 'middle aged' and lazy.They don't even give the birds a second glance anymore, preferring to view them from a prone position. Like Twinkles they like to help in the garden-this involves sleeping close to where I am working.

  3. We aren't allowed to have cats at our place. The boss(Missy)won't allow it, but I love them. Twinkles is definitely site foreman on that job. She knows you're building a sushi bar for her.

  4. Hi Cher, she is a scene stealer, and demands lots of cuddle even if you're in the middle of a delicate task...

    Hi Ks, cats do have easy lives in our gardens :)

    Maybe Missy will allow you one or two in the future :) Yep, she is definitely the foreman, keeping an eye that we both do our jobs properly!

  5. What a beautiful cat Twinkles is, in the last photo her spots look almost chocolate brown, are they?

    Lila, my faithful garden helper, performs valuable tasks like watching for the mailman, smashing the black mondo grass (evidently it provides a cushy place to rest) and sneaking up on me from behind so that as I'm backing up I trip over her. My favorite though is when I sit down for just a moment to weed or plant her "lap alert" bell goes off and she comes running. The girl takes her role as a lap dog very seriously.

  6. Hi Loree,

    The spots do have a brown tinge to them. The longer hair is blacker and the shorter hair under is much more brown/ginger. In the winter with her longer winter coat the spots look very black, but in the summer (if I can call it that) the shorter hair is more obvious and she gets that chocolate browny colour.

  7. So so cute! Harley, the gray tabby cat that was my gardening - and everything else - companion growing up passed away a little over a year ago and I miss her terribly, even if my parents have since got Willy, an equally adorable and loving long-haired dachshund. A few years down the line when I hopefully have a larger apartment and am more permanently in one place I will definitely be adopting cats again.

  8. CG - Sorry to hear about Harley, Its hard losing a pet that's been with you for such a long time. My own childhood pet, Charcoal passed away in January just a few months short of her 19th Birthday.

  9. Hilarious, I love the "cat in a plant pot" shot, though I imagine it can be a little inconvenient to be battling with a demanding feline at the same time as you are mixing mortar, or worse, using it...

  10. Hi Janet, Twinkles have left the odd paw print or two on drying mortar, just a bit naughty :)


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