Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

To all our American readers, we would like to wish you Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all have a great day - and don't eat too much :)

We didn't have a photo of a turkey, so we hope the above picture of a selection of Yuccas and other plants will be acceptable instead!

Have a great day everyone who is celebrating today, we are both at work!

Mark and Gaz


  1. Thanks for the well wishes and beautiful picture. Sorry that you'll be at work!

  2. Uhm...I'll take a photo like that over a turkey any day!

    (I know it sounds dorky but I really am thankful that I got to spend time with you guys in your beautiful garden...what a special memory!)

  3. I was surprised to see Thanksgiving on your blog. I'm just waiting to eat too much this evening. I love the photo. It reminds me of California.

  4. Thanks for the Thanksgiving well wishes. It's a wonderful tradition, and a great excuse to overeat! ;)

  5. Yeah, ate too much. Yuccas are much healthier!

  6. A very spectacular selection. Incidentally, I can't work out how to comment on your daily photo blog. I was going to agree the Aloe Polyphylla is worth its extra slots in your gallery.
    * * *

    I'm gradually letting people know I've moved my blog 'Message in a Milk Bottle' to a new URL -

    - where it is now known as M2.
    If you would like to - please do re-follow there!

  7. Yuccas grow pretty well here, in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for good wishes!

  8. Your yuccas are amazing. Thanks for your kind wishes. I spent Thanksgiving at the beach with my family, but we still had the traditional turkey dinner.

  9. Thanks guys :) I'm almost certain you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Next stop, Christmas!


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