Monday, May 19, 2014

A quick preview of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Mark and I have just returned from the the Chelsea Flower show, so much to see and so many people to chat with. It was great to catch up with a whole bunch of fellow bloggers, nursery folk and designers, some we have met before and some new face too! As you can imagine we have taken loads of photos between us, and it will take a little longer to sort them all out, however here are a small sample of some of the gardens that caught our attention.

The Telegraph garden designed by Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gazerwitz. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, its a garden that would actually work as a garden. Almost too perfect in terms of presentation.

Mr T talking about his garden - although I must admit to being less than overwhelmed by it.

My favourite in the Fresh category - Royal National Institute of Blind people Garden

A trade display, that was as good as many of the show gardens... (A Khora conservatory)

The DialAFlight Potter’s Garden,  where would the Artisan gardens be without a rustic shed or two...
Arita artisan garden - we really liked this one. I have a couple of ideas from this that I may use in our garden.
Simple and elegant
Togenkyo – A Paradise on Earth designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara. His gardens always delight and are full of intricate details that you need to devote sufficient time to note. 

Not sure what the connection between Stoke on Trent and a Robot is, perhaps they are suggesting Stoke resembles the future in The Terminator Films..
All in all a great day, lovely weather and loads to see. We will share more posts over the next few days with details of individual gardens.


  1. Enjoyed the preview and it does look as if there are ideas real gardeners can take away from this year's show gardens.

    I especially like the gardens with a mix of natural plantings and trimmed box which is an idea I'm working on in my own front garden. I'll look forward to some inspiration from the show.

  2. How lovely to get a look around on preview day would really like to do this as I find the crowds too much on other days and you never really get to see them properly :(

  3. Such elaborate displays: they look more like permanent fixtures. Do they have a long time to set up? I look forward to future posts with more details.

  4. Ohh, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could go every year, it is so much fun!

  5. Can you actually go into any of these gardens? That would be frustrating, to see something you like but can only view from a distance. Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. I look forward to your posts about Chelsea every year.

  7. Thanks for sharing a preview! As mentioned above, it does look as though some of the gardens provide actionable ideas for "regular" gardeners. I look forward to your updates. Enjoy yourselves!

    P.S. I don't get that robot either. Shouldn't they have given it a rake or something?

  8. Pretty much agree with all you say, Gaz. (And impressed that you got this out so quickly. I was far too whacked to even contemplate posting yesterday). Dave

  9. Yay for previews! You know were all dying for more so bring it on! (After you get some sleep of course)...

  10. It was lovely to meet you both yesterday - and as David said, I'm impressed you've written a blog post already. I have downloaded my photos and then got tired and upset that I'd missed seeing some things that I think I would have loved! But I did have a great day and it was probably impossible to see everything as well as have lunch and a chat at the 'tweet up' - and chatting with some of the exhibitors and listening to Jeremy Paxman reading the war poems.
    Hope I manage to get a ticket for next year's preview.

  11. Hello Mark and Gaz:

    From your photographs the gardens this year at Chelsea do appear more appealing and more varied than many previously. It is always of interest to see what is happening, to observe new trends and to meet with people although, in our view, the atmosphere and nature of Chelsea, as much else, has changed considerably over how it once was. Far more commercial than in the past and far too many 'celebrities'.

  12. What a great preview! I look forward to seeing more of your images from Chelsea this year.


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