Sunday, July 03, 2016

Woburn Abbey Garden Show

Last Saturday we decided to check out the Woburn Abbey Garden Show. It's been three years since we've been and being only twenty minutes drive from ours, a couple of hours spent there sounded really appealing.

We haven't exactly been attending many plant fairs recently. In fact, this the first plant fair we have been to this year (Chelsea doesn't count, they don't sell plants there). It was nice to go into one again after a seemingly long time. I actually felt out of practice and it took me a bit longer to get into the swing of things and take photos for the purpose of blogging about it.

Brass band, nice touch!
Gorgeous! Liriodendron tulipfera in bloom
Quite nice and unique pots, seems perfect for Sempervivums, Tillandsias,...

Anyhow, the weather played well when we got there...for around ten minutes. Afterwards, the heavens opened and weather became very English.

A very English plant fair, plants and mud!

Still there were breaks in between the downpours that we still managed to carry on, browse and take pictures.

This Rubus caught our eyes, was about to buy it until we realised we have it in the garden already.
Roscoea purpurea

Exotics!! Now we're talking! Dasylirion wheeleri
Dasylirion serratifolium

Not bad, two for one! These are two individual palms growing on the same pot, rather than the smaller one being a sucker.
Was tempted by these little succulents, but was able to resist.
It was a lovely show with some good nurseries, although typically of most plant fairs nowadays the emphasis were more on dry goods and sundries.

We were very restraint this time and only went home with one plant. Yes, just one!

And a gorgeous one it is! Large pleated leaves with silver undersides and very spiky stems...

Rubus calophyllus

Rubus calophyllus from Bhutan!

Mark :-)


  1. I didn't know that plants weren't sold at the Chelsea show. I guess that's to be expected - sales would just add to the chaos of the event, wouldn't they? However, that's part of the fun of plant shows so I'm glad your pocketbook got some exercise on this last trip. I'm sorry the weather wasn't optimal (although I've a hard time thinking of rain as anything but a chance for rejoicing these days). Your pick is a wonderful specimen!

    1. Indeed Kris, no plants sold except for the odd tiny plug or transactions for home delivery later. The grounds of Chelsea aren't big enough for full on plant sales.

  2. So the Rubus you bought wasn't the same one you were crushing on that you already had?

    1. No it's different, much bigger leaves and pleated too :))

  3. I like the plant you chose! I also like the Rubus that you did not get because you already have it. It looks like the plant fair had a nice selection, and despite the weather, people were having a good time.

  4. Hi Mark, rain or shine I envy you your plant fairs ;-)! You certainly brought home one gorgeous baby. The spiky stem of Rubus calophyllus are a little bit scary, though. Still cool to buy a plant, that is at home in Bhutan. Hope it grows well for you!
    Warm regards,

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  6. Gorgeous garden and plants for sale. Who could ask for anything more? I'm impressed by your restraint and love your new Rubus! The spherical pots are way cool!


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