Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Déjà vu Marché aux Fleurs

Supposed to be out and about in the garden today but alas rain has stopped play and I'm indoors now keeping myself dry.

So what else to do? Reminisce and write about it! I make it sound a bit negative but it is a wonderful thing to do, especially life can get so fast paced that looking back can become very tricky...

Not today anyway.

Only a few days ago we featured our visit to Marché aux Fleurs on our most recent visit to lovely Paris. Around the same time Loree of Danger Garden has featured it too. Now is my time to wade in as I share my take of this central Paris plant and flower market!

First things first, before we actually got in to the market we checked out one of the quirky knick knack shops we passed along en route and spotted these mini succulents and pots, nice! Forgot the name of the shop though, oops!

Although we can bring plants across the channel, we went away without buying any of these cute beauties. Now on to the market.

With spring finally descending upon Paris then (with London remarkably behind), there were lots of colour already going on in the market. Ahh Paris in the spring time!

And once in awhile you have to take customary 'pose with the plants' shot, with Gaz for scale.

Walking through the pathway I can't help but admire these vistas...

My favourite though were the stalls selling exotic plants and succulents.

I was intending to bring one of these back with us but alas we didn't get the chance to pass by here again the next day, Alocasia 'Stingray'.

Hopefully they'll still have some available on our next visit!

Mark :-)


  1. Springtime in Paris, a flower market with gorgeous plants, beautiful pots filled with succulents - what a life! You seem to travel to a lot of beautiful and interesting places. Reminiscing is a good way to spend a rainy day. Thanks for giving us a glimpse!

  2. These open air flower/plant marts are a joy! Los Angeles' downtown flower market doesn't come close.

    1. Ahh but you have so many other goodies in your area :)

  3. What a fun and intriguing market. The Sting Ray shaped leaves are so amazing. And of course how lovely to be in Paris in the spring!

  4. Oh my, so much to admire. Thanks for taking us along. Hope you get back soon to find a Stingray for Alternative Eden!

    1. Definitely, so would love to have one or two!


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