Thursday, August 20, 2020

Yucca Potosina

When Mark arrived home from work yesterday there was a large parcel waiting for him. Usually Mark has full knowledge of anything we have ordered, and generally is the one selecting and ordering plants for the garden.

But unbeknown to him I had spotted an unusual Yucca available from Hardy Palms, Yucca potosina. Y. potosina is a Mexican Yucca from east/central Mexico, typically from circa 1,500m  (5,000ft) elevation so not without some hardiness. Its not widely available in cultivation so was quite pleased to be able to surprise him with something fairly unusual. 

Yucca potosina
Mark opening up the parcel

Yucca potosina
In the conservatory

Yucca potosina
Ready for potting on.

A large Y. potosina in habitat (source: Wikipedia)

Although not tender, Y. potosina is generally regarded as hardy to around -5C for younger plants, with more hardiness for more established specimens. As such in our garden this will be kept in a pot and moved for winter.



  1. Gorgeous plant and a very nice gesture. Where did you find such a huge specimen for sale?

  2. Oh ! You are so kind and thoughtful ! What a beautiful healthy looking plant too ! :)

  3. Hi Mark and Gaz...a fine specimen. I've done it the hard way by growing from seed


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