Saturday, June 18, 2022

Palm House at the Garfield Park Conservatory

Continuing on from our previous post regarding the Fern House at Garfield Park Conservatory is a feature on the first section you'll see when you go in the conservatory: the Palm House.

The vignette of palms and related complementary understory planting that greets you is a fantastic preview of what else is in store...

Palm House at Garfield Park Conservatory

Much like the Fern House, the path divides into two that will lead you into the other portions of the conservatory. The Palm House, as it's namesake suggests consists of a collection of tropical and subtropical palms of great architectural merit. Under the care of their horticultural team, they are all looking very healthy and for most towering with huge leaves.

In contrast to the Fern House however, the understory planting is less naturalistic but more manicured and formal, much like what you'll see in private gardens, parks, and show gardens. They have generously used bromeliads and other colourful planting in a more coordinated fashion, to a stunning effect.

You can clearly see that this is a well maintained and taken cared of conservatory that is open to the public to enjoy.

Mark :-)


  1. I love this! I don't usually like formal layouts but it really works here. With their splashy display, the palms benefit from the neatly ordered bromeliads and other groundcovers surrounding them.

    1. Somehow the formal understory planting works here, which is also a showcase how well maintained the conservatory is :)

  2. I'm as impressed by the structure as by the plants. Now I want to go to Chicago just to see the Garfield Park Conservatory!

    1. It's a great city, you'll love it and the conservatory should be high up on your list of what to see when you get there :)


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