Sunday, July 17, 2011

And the walls go up!

Last week turned out to be a truly hectic week for the both of us, mainly due to work and other commitments but a big development has happened as we now have commenced the build of the walls of the pond. After months and months of digging it was great to finally reach this stage!

The weekend before we dug out the base of the wall of one side of the pond and filled it with concrete. That was hard work but found it amusing that at the end of the weekend there was very little visual reward as when filled up with concrete it was level to the base of the pond, almost like we didn't do anything at all. But like with most construction work, a sturdy build starts with a solid base and this was no exception, amazing how much work is needed 'below ground'.

Anyway, once the concrete has dried on Monday morning, with much excitement we can now start laying the blocks to make one of the walls of the pond! So every evening after work I would wheelbarrow some sand and gravel from the front of the house, tip it onto another wheelbarrow within the pond so Gaz can make the appropriate mix, lay the blocks and alternately back fill with concrete in between layers. We did this every night for the past few days, even on some evenings when we had to go out later on to do something else, we squeeze in an hour or two to get stuck in. Every little helps as they say and it's amazing what can be done even with just an hour!
Now the weather hasn't been exactly cooperative here, it's been cloudy and sometimes drizzly all of the weekdays, which culminated in a heavy downpour last Saturday. But it was dry enough to get stuck in, we just had to be extra quick and made sure to cover it up each night so it dries up even if it does rain overnight.
Another development, a temporary staircase for easy access

 Only two layers of blocks can be seen on the photo but we had completed four layers by Friday, which is up to the 'old' ground level (the 'new' ground level will be much higher, as we've raised it). This will suffice for now and we can start building one of the perpendicular walls which is the length of the pond (we've done the width). Once three of the four walls are done to the same level we can start stacking the block higher and higher, raising the walls well above the 'new' ground level (excluding the concrete base and surface allowance, the pond should achieve just over 6' in depth).

Lots more hard work to do but it makes for a refreshing change from just 'digging a pond'. And it's great for our spirits to finally see the walls coming up! :)



  1. You guys are amazing, this is a serious pond!

  2. You realise you need to be planning the party for when it's complete?


  3. looking forward to following your progress x

  4. Thanks Loree! I'm glad we're already at this stage and now doing something else apart from just digging :)

    Esther, you bet there will be a party once the pond and this section of the garden has been finished. Be great if you can visit us when that time comes :)

    Thanks Libby! Glad you popped round :)

  5. I'm with Esther, you are going to need a pool party after all this. And perhaps the equivalent of a topping out party when the walls get to their final height? Seriously though, am very impressed with what you are managing to achieve, and at how thorough you are being. Of course, it means you will never be able to move...

  6. Janet. it is tradition on a number of Koi forums that people submit photos of themselves in the pond when its first filled with water. A tradition we intend on following.

    Its been so wet lately that having got started, the wall building has been back on hold waiting for some better weather. Hopefully this weekend will be good and we can get on with the next section.

  7. Now that's a photo I will look forward to!


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