Monday, July 04, 2011

The Start of Summer!

Now we are into July, we always feel that the garden starts to really get going, many plants are growing at full pace, and the various perennial plants have knitted together and filled in the areas of bare earth we always see in Spring.

Its been reasonably sunny of late, and sun and warmth always brings the camera out.

The area around our jungle hut has filled out well. One or two plants filled out too well, and we removed a bamboo that was taking up quite a lot of space. By the end of the summer this area will no doubt have filled out even more.

I'm particularly pleased with how the jungle area is looking this year. We haven't needed to do too much work in this part of the garden this year, the plants are now doing all the hard work!



  1. Looks spectacular! Now all you need is a few parrots and a monkey!


  2. That's amazing. Very cozy and private. Like it!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. How really is a jungle..and in England! Go boys!

  4. Your garden looks like a beautiful tropical jungle. I'm getting jealous. I wish mine looked as lush and I live a LOT closer to the tropics. It's amazing.

  5. You could charge money for people to visit your garden :-).

    What species of bamboo is that?

  6. Thanks Fabiana! There are several wooden parrots in the jungle hut :)

    Cher, the location of the 'jungle hut' is secluded and private, love hanging out and relaxing there :)

    Glad you like it Hazel! Yep, it's in England indeed :)

    Missy, your comment made me laugh, and smile :) I love all the colour and lushness of your garden!

    Admission is free Gerhard, only needs a prior appointment :) Wish you could easily visit, you're very welcome! The bamboo is good old Phyllostachys aurea.

  7. How proud you must be! How wonderful to have a garden like yours!


  8. It really does remind me of a jungle. Mysterious, exciting, and dramatic. Well done!

  9. It looks like the Mayan Jungle. Incredible work, the pond preview looks great too!

  10. It looks amazing, Boys. Truly. What's particularly amazing is that your jungle hut is an exact replica of a beach hut I stayed in on Koh Samui in 1989. How did you know to do that? Makes me feel right at home!


  11. Thanks Esther, Holley! I'm pleased with the way the shots worked, especially withthe second one, it looked quite humid in the photo (and it was a humid day!). :)

    Thanks Nat, David! The design is inspired by various things, mostly from previous travels and poring through books for inspiration. It's all about creating an illusion :)

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