Monday, July 25, 2011

Chenies Manor Plant Fair

Another day, another plant hunting trip. This time to a fairly local plant fair held at Chenies Manor in South Buckinghamshire a week last Sunday.

Chenies advertise as the largest fair after Chelsea, so with that bold statement in mind we were not entirely sure what to expect. Now whether they are really as big as claimed or not we were still impressed by the size and number of stalls.

This wasn't a rare plants fair, so many of the stalls, although interesting did not have the sort of plants we usually go for. However we did find a local nursery we had never heard of before called the Mediterranean Nursery, which had a number of palms and other exotics. We didn't actually buy anything from them, but as they are not far from home we will take a trip and see the nursery in person before too much longer.

We were also pleased to catch up with a good friend, Charlie Pridham, who runs (with his wife Liz) Roseland House Nursery down in Cornwall. Charlie and Liz attend a number of plant fairs and has a great selection of unusual climbers. If you see them do say hi!

Chenies Manor is a tudor manor house, built by Sir John Cheyne in approximately 1460 and during its history, both Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I visited the house on numerous occasions accompanied by their Courts.

The attractive gardens were open to the fair visitors, so we took advantage and had a look round.

This old Oak tree caught our attention.
As most of the plants and stalls catered more for traditional cottage gardens we didn't buy very many plants, but still came home with a nice selection of ferns (including some natives).



  1. What a nice day to spend looking around and buying new plants. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I wouldn't mind hanging out in that manor house for a while myself :-) I love how many plant sales you have. Gardening must be a huge obsession in the U.K., even more so than here.

  3. Looks like an event well worth visiting, I've wanted to visit some Bucks gardens for a while, perhaps I'll plan a little trip next July and do the plant fair too. Cheers!

  4. Looks as if it is a very beautiful place.

    Those kings and queens didn't arf get around a bit!

  5. Wow - I would love to be able to see such history and majesty! We just have nothing like that to compare. The gardens are amazing!


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