Monday, July 09, 2012

The Big Joke

The big joke is finally over now that the remaining four water companies that have kept the hose pipe ban for much longer have finally lifted it. The joke wasn't about the reason why the hose pipe ban was imposed to begin with: drought. Drought is a serious matter and definitely not just something you can easily wash away to one side, it had to be dealt with seriously hence the ban.

The joke however was the irony of it all, that as soon as they have announced the ban we've had so much rain, lots of it and almost continuously over the past few weeks (hold on, months even!). A proverbial dark cloud hovering above everyone here when we're supposed to be in the middle of a drought....the wettest drought ever.

It was only this morning when I was thinking to myself that we won't have good weather until the remaining ban has been lifted. Then an hour later I hear the announcement on the radio. Eerie coincidence?

Now that the joke is over I'm hoping that mother nature will soon stop wetting herself laughing all over us, and start smiling instead with rays of well deserved sun. And of course dry weather, but not too dry either as to cause proper drought....

Humans, such difficult creatures to please eh! Here's hoping anyway, crossed fingers!!

Mark :-)


  1. A great deal of my gardens are burned up with so much weather in the 100's and no rain. I've never seen anything like this and hope to never again. Our local farmers have all lost more than half their crops. I'm so happy you are getting rain right now. Enjoy!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I hope you get a change in the weather soon Cher. The climate seems all confused at the moment!

  3. Weather is definitely not following normal patterns. Hasn't been normal since last year if the weather complaints on garden blogs is anything to go by. Such a hassle when your plants are meant for a specific climate / life cycle. Judging from your previous posts, your garden seems to be doing okay with the rains. I wish it would stop though so you can get on with your pond work.

  4. I suppose there are bans on filling swimming pools and koi ponds too.

  5. Yes, I saw all the floods your having on the news last night. My goodness! Yet, I remember my blog friend in Scotland being so worried about not having rain all Winter & Spring. Yes, I guess it is the wettest drought on record. It would be nice to have normal gardening weather, wouldn't it?
    We are having a normal summer here in Texas. First time in many years. I love it!

  6. Mark, you really write well, love your style! Maybe every country including yours will now be thinking of making rain reservoir to anticipate droughts if ever there will be. We here traditionally have rains when May comes, but it's now changed, so we join the world in thinking of unusual weather.

  7. Hi Bom, the garden is generally doing fine with all the rains, in fact most of the plants are loving it and we don't have to water as much. It has delayed the pond build a bit though but we're now catching up!

    Hazel, yes there was a ban on filling up swimming pools and a conditional ban on koi ponds. Hosepipe is still fine to use in refilling and maintaining ponds with fish as part of animal welfare. Before the ban we had a pre-agreement that we can still use the hosepipe to fill our pond so we would have been fine. But now the ban is over so everything carries on as usual.

    Hi David, great to hear you're having a 'normal' summer and enjoying it :) Heavy rain interspersed with bouts of warmth and sun is the most ideal situation, just this year it seems its mostly rain. Still hoping that the remaining bit of July and beyond that we'll still have good weather, cross fingers!

    Thanks Andrea! The unusual weather pattern has certainly affected all parts of the world, tropics included.

  8. haha! Yes, we humans are seemingly never satisfied. It's either too wet, too dry, too hot or too cold. :) I hope you get fabulous weather with just the right amount of rain.

  9. We'll be needing to switch to new kinds of plants if this kind of weather persists. Your specialties might be pleased - if only the rain were warmer. (Is this right?)

  10. Holley, wouldn't that be ideal :)

    Esther, yes most of our plants seems to be loving all the extra rain, but yes more ideal if it were warmer (and good for us humans too!) :)

  11. Ha! Ha! I am fortunate to live in an area that rarely has bans on water use, though it has happened. June was brutally dry, but lately we have had thunderstorms every afternoon. The plants love it. We are extremely grateful for that, although the high heat combined with the high humidity makes me feel like I'm breathing in air over a bowl of steaming broth!

  12. We are now expecting some warmer weather to arrive, so we may get a summer after all!


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