Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sultry, Sunny, and Summery

Sultry, Sunny, Summery - three words that perfectly sums up the feeling at the moment now that summer has finally descended upon us. After weeks and weeks of rain it's nice to have such fine weather which has long been overdue. Unusually overdue yes for I haven't seen so much rain before that went on and on and seemed neverending.

Glorious sun and blue skies! And yes noggins are now in!
But that seems a distant past already now that it feels warm outside, dry, bright, and warm enough to feel sultry. Albeit it looks like it's going to be a short spell though which started last Sunday and might be interrupted again with the predicted return of the rain next week. Nevermind, enjoy it while it lasts and you always live in hope that the interruption will be short lived (and besides, bouts of rain in between dry weather is good for the plants).

Even roof battens have to be painted, one by one, all sides, and twice too!
And with good weather it also means lots of catching up to do with the project. Suddenly we are able to do a lot of things again, especially weather dependent ones like more painting. And as an extra bonus we are able to continue doing a bit more after work (which we need to anyway as there's loads of catching up to do!).

Let there be shade! The first of the semi opaque polycarbonate roof panels are now up.
If things were more quiet it would have been a perfect week to simply just laze around and enjoy the surroundings, or do gardening and pottering which we find relaxing in their own right. But a project is a project and things needs to get done otherwise we'll never finish this.

Al fresco dining...
with Twinkles keeping me company
Saying that, I look forward to going home and getting stuck in, doing what we're doing and seeing the results just before the sun sets. And with lots of nibbles to keep us going and soft music from the radio, I just find everything so...relaxing!

Divine assistance. Our local Methodist church has lent us this very tall ladder to help us with the project. Heaven sent!
Painting, concreting, or gardening, at the moment it doesn't matter. With such fine weather, whatever we may be doing it's just nice to be outside. Wonderful!

Mark :-)


  1. How great for the both of you! It's good to hear that Mr. Sun is staying on. You must be enjoying the weather, Mark. Does it remind you of the P.I.? Or is it just sunlight and no heat? I don't know if it is the pond work accomplishment or what you just ate but you look like the cat that got the cream in the al fresco shot. :-)

  2. ...and what a project it is! How much longer before the koi move in?

  3. I've been watching your weather and thought it must have been a mistake when I saw the forecast for today, thankfully it wasn't! Yay for you guys and all those "games" that are about to begin...

  4. Good going, Mark. That's a lorra painting. Lovely job. D

  5. It's looking fantastic. Didn't realize you were filling it in, I thought you were going to have a completely open pergola. Like what you are doing with it.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. The roof looks awesome! I've actually been wondering about the progress on your koi pond. Glad to see the weather is finally cooperating.

    I forgot to mention in my blog post yesterday that we saw a sign for a koi nursery in Newberry Springs in the California desert. I thought that was an odd place to raise koi. According to Wikipedia, the average daily temperature in the summer is 107°F in Newberry Springs!

  7. Hi Bom, it does remind me of P.I. but only when it's very warm and sunny like this week. This warm spell doesn't usually last long here though!

    Hazel, hopefully by the end of the summer once the fibreglassing has been done and the filters are fitted.

    Loree, it's starting to go 'mental' in central London already, hopefully the games won't be too inconvenient for my daily commute to work. Yay for the summery weather indeed!

    Thanks David, Cher! A lot of painting indeed and we have to put a cover on it to give extra protection to the fishes as well as provide shade :)

    Thanks Gerhard! Koi actually grow faster and develop quicker in warmer water temperatures. A dealer near us maintains his growing vats in a polytunnel that goes up to almost 50C at the warmest part of the day! They do well in cooler temps too of course :)


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