Friday, July 06, 2012

It is July... Honest

The breakfast host on our local radio station the other day started the show by saying what a lovely autumnal morning it was, great for September... Although he then had to spoil it by reminding us that its early July, and not autumn yet! The summer so far this year seems to be a bit of a wash out, with regular reports of a months rain being dropped in 24 hours in various places around the country, with devastating results in some towns.

So whilst the wet weather is annoying for us, at least it hasn't caused any damage. That said it has caused some delays with the pond project, rain and cement don't mix well, rain and painting don't mix well, rain and... well you get the picture.

However the garden itself is looking great, lush growth all over and fantastic new culms on the bamboos. There has been enough warm spells recently to get things moving. With that in mind its a good opportunity to check whats looking good at the moment in the garden.

I'm glad to see some of the small statues in the garden finally going green!

Magnolia denudata 'McCracken's Variegate' has started to take off this year, with lots of strong new growth.
Lilium hansonii

The Bamboos love the wet weather - new shoots on Phyllostachys aurea

This young Schefflera rhododendrifolia in full flush

Butter yellow new cane on Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'

Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'

Looking forward to seeing the bloom on this Magnolia macrophylla ssp. Ashei as it hasnt flowered for us before.

Knickers finding a spot amongst the agaves

The jungle looks very lush this year

Unusual to see cyclamen flowers at this time of year

Graptopetalum paraguayense

A handy resting spot for a small fly on this Edelweiss


Hopefully we will get some more consistently warmer weather for the rest of the summer!



  1. It's very clear that your garden loves wet weather! We are having a real summer after very cool June. At last! I love every single plant which you showed. Bamboo especially.

  2. Great photos. I wish I had enough space for some Jack Frost. One of the most gorgeous of all foliage plants. As always your cat photos are the best.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Hi Mark and Gaz, still waiting for Summer up north also. Haven't had the terrible flooding experienced by some although a bit more sunshine would be welcome. Everything is looking fabulous as usual in Alternative Eden. I hope Knickers is moving around those Agaves with care.

  4. Well it sure is lush guys and looking great - and enjoying every drop of that moisture. Just like Alistair we haven't had flooding yet but having to cope with a few days of 97% hummidity was rough but digging out dockens is so easy as the tap roots literally just slide out of the ground.

    ....a bit shocked to see a cyclamen!

  5. Your garden looks so gorgeous and natural as if its always been there. I have decide to lose one of my veg beds next year and extend the tropical bed a little bit further down the garden, but will need to plant hardier tropicals as it is definitely not as warm down here.

  6. Tatyana, The bamboos do seem to have done extra well this year.

    Cher, glad you like the cat photos :) will have to remember to share a few more :)

    Alistair, Thanks for your kind comments, I do hope we all get a good summer before too much longer, maybe now Wimbledon is almost over it will get warmer!

    Rosie, the wet can have some advantages then :) Isnt the cyclamen a strange one, can only assume the weather has tricked it somehow.

    Libby, thanks so much, most of the plants would be equally hardy for you. We have tried to make sure most things are very tough!

  7. Gorgeous garden!! much inspiration here!!

  8. Thanks Maria, glad you like the garden!

  9. This post kicks some serious. I love the scheflerra in front of the yellow cane. I'm taking a respite from our dire heat.

  10. What a lovely garden you have !!!!

  11. Great looking foliage! I agree that your garden is looking lush.

  12. Your jungle is lush and so full of interesting plants! I really like your variegated magnolia! I will send you some of my heat if you will send me some of your rain! We are extremely hot with little rain. We are just trying to keep the plants alive. It is supposed to cool down a little bit this week...

  13. Thanks everyone for your kind comments on the garden! :) A little more warmth for the whole of the UK for the rest of summer will be good, and hopefully bring the garden on even more.

  14. Some great looking foliage there, and the Eremurus is beautiful. Your statues are looking at home, although the tarantula gave me a start when I scrolled down, as I am quite the arachnaphobe!

  15. Your garden looks fantastic, but it is frustrating not to be able to get out and do things. I need to paint some trellis - not my favourite job, but marginally improved by a sunny day and a chance to listen to the radio. It is NOT improved by having to scamper indoors every five minutes, clutching paintbrushes, newspaper and dustsheets. Good luck with finishing the pond - think how much you'll enjoy it this time next year.

  16. Hi Martin, sorry to give you a start, must remember to give a warning next time :)

    Victoria, thanks so much, glad you like the garden. We are managing to get things done just more slowly, and have also experienced running inside with a brush!!


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