Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Japanese Garden at Pinetum Gardens

 As we continued our garden visits in Cornwall, we revisted Pinetum Gardens (Previosuly known as Pine Lodge and also Pinetum Park) in St Austell, a garden that is in many ways a series of gardens rather than a single whole, although the combined garden is an enjoyable place to visit. We featured the garden after our last visit in 2013, however for this post we wanted to feature just part of the garden - The Japanese Garden

The entry to the garden is through a Torri inspired gateway and a path that just begs you to follow and explore. 

The meandering pathways help give the garden the sense of being larger than it really is.

Sadly this stone bench is not available for visitors to sit on. 

Clipped bamboo is a curios garden oddity to me, it does give a feeling of Japanese gardens we have seen in Tokyo, although perhaps it could do with thinning out.

The garden is dominated by a large reflective pool.

A pool with giant stone slabs making a bridge across one corner, a bridge that you have to pass over slowly, a trick often used in Japan to ensure you slow right down and take your time to explore and enjoy a garden.

In the corner of the pool is a small tea house. 

We spent a fair amount of time just sitting and enjoying the tranquility. Enjoying the view and noting the lighting. 

The tea house has pride of space overlooking the pool. The building itself has given me some ideas for a future project, but more on that later. 



  1. So green and very, very peaceful. I love the reflective pool - I could almost feel the cool shade of the spot just looking at your photos.

  2. Looks like the garden is a calming place to be. Love to be there :)

  3. Lots to love here... and a future project!? No rest for the two of you.


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