Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tremenheere Sculpture Garden

Just outside Penzance is Tremenheere Sculpture Garden, a garden we last visited in 2013 however after a long delay we recently visited again.

A fairly new garden in Cornwall, we have seen some significant changes over the last 8 years, including more facilities for visitors. We were not there for the cafe and gift shop, so the maturing gardens were a delight.

Entering the garden over a small stream, we immediately headed for the woodland walk, following paths along side the stream, heavily planted with treeferns and other woodlanders.

A fallen tree makes a great fature.

Tree ferns far more advanced in Cornwall than at home.

A stunning clump of Rodgersia.

Fatsia polycarpa

juania australis
Juania australis

Saxifraga stolonifera
Saxifraga stolonifera

Cyathea medullaris
Cyathea medullaris

From the damp shade of the woodland walk you emerge onto a series of terraced pathways stepping up the hill. These have a wide range of plants, with bananas planted close to xanthorrhoea.

As you head up the hill the views towards St Michaels Mount emerge.

The palm avenue of Butias have grown considerably since we last saw them in person.

From higher up the views down into the valley are stunning.

A small hut at the edge of the garden commands great views - and for us the perfect place for lunch.

Heading back down the hill to the exit and a final wooded area, with a delightful pond.

If you are in the area then Tremenheere is definitely worth the time.



  1. It's beautiful. Some of the scenery conjured the feeling of a prehistoric landscape for me. That impression is probably due to all the foliage plants with huge leaves, which isn't something one often sees in my part of the world.

    1. It’s come on so well since last time we’ve been. And all those tree ferns really evoke that prehistoric feel.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. If only we can grow them like that where we are...


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