Friday, May 21, 2021

Lamorran House Garden

 The next garden from our Cornish trip is Lamorran House Garden.  Close to St Mawes, on a south facing slope overlooking the estuary for the River Fal, the garden has an enviable microclimate. According to their website, the last recorded frost was in 1987!

We have visited the garden a few times over the years, although we haven't previously blogged about it. Since our last visit there has been  change in the head gardener, with the current incumbent being the affable and extremely knowledgeable Jacob Howard-Endean.

We entered the garden via the patio in front of the Lamorran House, and immediately felt transported to the Mediterranean. The garden is heavily influenced by Italy, due to the Italian background of one of the owners.  

Close to the Mediterranean lawn is a koi pond, surrounded by more established palms, with a waterfall from the upper levels, 

Lovely clear water in the pond. 

Looking away from the koi pond and one is again faced with tall trachycarpus palm as a backdrop. 

As the garden cascades down the hill side a maze of pathways beg you to explore, not quite allowing you to see what may be at the end of each path.

The garden has a number of grand old trees, that we assume predate the current planting schemes. This conifer has such a delightful form.

Slightly further down the hill and another pond, the garden has many ponds, water features, streams and waterfalls.

As a private garden that opens to the public, there are a number of amusing whimsical features. 

As you drop further down the garden the pathways often give way to a series of steps, and more arid areas. Jacob explained that they would like to grow more agaves and improve on the quality of the plants they have - I don't really think they have much to worry about the plants all looked well grown to us!.

Throughout the garden vistas and views to the water beyond create moments to pause and reflect.

Another fabulous pond and pergola in the background.

Echium candicans

geranium maderense
Geranium maderense

Those views, capturing our attention again!

Other parts of the garden have a less formal, more jungly feel.

Lots of place to sit and reflect.

Half way down the hill is a covered seating area, with views wonderfully framed by the building

Finally at back at the top of the hill on the patio we were able to enjoy a Cornish cream tea (jam followed by cream of course!)

Lamorran remains one of our favourite Cornish Gardens. Whilst it is a large garden by most peoples standards it is smaller than many of the Cornish Gardens that are open to the public and that smaller, more human scale is a refreshing change.



  1. With the notable exception of the lake, the garden looks like as though it could have been transported from somewhere in Southern California. We're a frost-free climate as well.

    1. They are so lucky how mild the climate is in this garden

  2. That is an awesome garden. I love the steps, the statuary and the views. That geranium is fantastic!


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