Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Favourite Plant of The Week - Brassaiopsis hispida

It has been a while since we last featured a plant of the week on the blog but we really couldn't let this week go by without featuring Brassaiopsis hispida.

Brassaiopsis hispida

The new leaves are fabulous, and despite the cool spring are now racing away.  Still relatively new to cultivation, Brassaiopsis hispida is borderline hardy in our location, so at the moment these go away into the greenhouse for us.

Brassaiopsis hispida

Brassaiopsis hispida

Finally we have a variegated plant, which we are hoping will be stable as it matures.

What is standing out for you in the garden this week?



  1. It's a great-looking plant and worthy of its award of plant of the week. I love the leaf edges.

  2. Striking foliage, and dramatic, and variegated. Plenty warm for it in my climate, but "moisture needs: moist"--not much of that here. Perhaps Pachypodium namaquanum would be our dry-climate, rare, choice substitute.

    My standout this week would be sweet peas, because it's time to pull them. One last sweet bouquet, to be missed until next year.

  3. That is great foliage-I looked it up and it seems it will look splendid at all stages. Lobelia tupa is opening it's first flower here-always an event I look forward to !


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